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( About AamiL Touqeer Abbas ) What The Working The I Have Done ..... !

Today when I started writing, I could at once visualize my whole past before me, comprising of unusual events, interesting experiences & untiring struggle in the world of Amliyat and if I try to discuss all that, it would need a whole book to cover. However, in short I start from 1995 when I had to shift to my native city Faisalabad, for higher studies. While living in hostel, I was introduced to hypnotism. Although I already had a spiritual link with Amliyat world prior to this introduction, still hypnotism had an engraving affect and opened the doors of amliyat world for me and finally the light of Amliyat & spiritualism became part and parcel of my life. Today I am thankful to almighty Allah for all my achievements

After first introduction to occult sciences in 1995, I started writing in different magazines from 1998-99 and this process is still in continuation. In 2000, I prepared a course on palmistry. To propagate and circulate the knowledge of Amliyat I founded an institution "Amliyat Institute of Amliyat o Haazraat" From the platform of Amliyat Institute of Amliyat o Haazraat, I prepared and compiled the courses on Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Jafar, Saa-at and Amliyat. After that, formal classes were started. I feel proud to claim that this was the first sincere effort to give education in the field of Amliyat in Pakistan. Alhamdulilah today Amliyat Institute of Amliyat o Haazraat is the only institute in Pakistan, which is spreading knowledge in this field in a true sense. By the grace of Allah, numerous students have passed different courses from the institute and are practicing in Pakistan and abroad.  Miscellaneous books have been published (in Urdu) in different faculties of Amliyat such as Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Jafar, Saa-at, Amliyat and Ilm-ul-haroof. Reading, these books will definitely enhance your knowledge on Amliyat in actual. In the field of publishing another feather added in my cap is that I translated Arabic books on the topic of Amliyat in Urdu and published them. For e.g. old books on amliyat, sehar and naqoosh etc. Inshallah this process will go on. There are institutes in Pakistan which provide knowledge of Amliyat, However, one point clearly discriminates between Amliyat Institute of Amliyat o Haazraat from others i.e. Amliyat Institute of Amliyat o Haazraat is the only one which has revealed those ancient knowledge which were kept hidden from the eyes of general public and the students of Amliyat. Hence by grace of Allah, in future those books will be available for study whose names are only known to the students of Amliyat now days

nafarmaan khawand ya biwi ka ilaaj,kisi ko apne under yani tabee karna,kisi ko apni mohabbat me beqaraar karna,dushman ko saza dena,dushman per aaseb yani saya musalat karna,judai,nafrat,talaq,jese tmaam kam fori pori tasali or 100persent result k sath karee,pehli fursat me rabta karwae or apni pareshani ka yaqeeni hal hasil karee.

To keep the level of proficiency up to the mark, it was the need of hour to modernize the whole system of Amliyat Institute of Amliyat o Haazraat. Therefore I decided to computerize the whole system. Hence after the completion of training in computer programming in 1994, I was the first man in history of Pakistan to make computer programs in Amliyat and present into market. All kinds of soft wares relating to Amliyat are prepared here in Amliyat Institute of Amliyat O Haazraat. Contact us for the preparation of any kind of program relating to Amliyat, Inshallah you will be fully satisfied

Another mile stone was achieved in March 1998 when first issue of monthly “Karishma-e-Amliyat” (in Urdu) appeared in the market. This monthly is being published every month regularly by the grace of Allah. Through this the knowledge of Amliyat is being spread to general public. Every aamil, Amliyat student and a common man can read it and get benefits from it. The creative journey in the field of Amliyat will go on till the end of my life. By the grace of Allah I am at the stage where I think it is necessary to transfer my expertise and knowledge to others as it is the right of every human being to get benefit from knowledge of Amliyat. This introductory booklet is also part of this exercise and you will get detail information of the services that are being given by the Amliyat institute of Amliyat o Haazraat in the following pages. Despite the utmost efforts to make this booklet easy and fully illustrative, if you have any query, you can mail us. Your opinion and suggestion will help us to improve our services. 

Finally, all the achievements are by the grace of Allah and the defeats are errors of human. Allah may be most gracious and merciful for all of us in this world and in the eternal world here after. Aamen….